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Saturday, 27 July 2013

39th Annual Macromarketing Conference

39thAnnual Macromarketing Conference

July 2 – July 5, 2014

Doctoral Colloquium, July 1, 2014

School of Management, Royal Holloway, University of London

Macromarketing and the Crisis of the Social Imagination

Call for Papers

This age of crisis and austerity is not just an economic crisis, but also a crisis of the social imagination. During an era of neoliberalism that stands on the verge of engulfing universities and other walks of life, we are approaching a hegemony of thought in which the knowledge that counts is knowledge that serves capital, often to a brutal cost-benefit calculus. For macromarketers, the study of how markets and society intersect and produce one another forms the basis of the subject. In this conference we look at Macromarketing during crisis and wonder how the subject might engage with theoretical and practical insights that arise from such conceptual areas as neo-liberalism, globalization, financialization, precarity, semiocaptalism and beyond.

This is a conference that seeks to develop dialogue and rich exchange of knowledge and, in particular, seeks an analysis that connects us to the actions that we see on the ground, be they in in the austerity measures that cut through the world, revolts and giant-scale protestsat the time of writing in Brazil to Turkeyto consumer technology interfaces used for espionage purposes on an epic scale.

In 2014 we bring Macromarketing to Royal Holloway, a college of the University of London. The college itself is a beautiful 19th century Victorian building located in the outer reaches of the city, close to Heathrow Airport and the Great Park. The conference promises to offer a community-based intense setting for discussing issues of wider importance.

Please see the Macromarketing Society's website ( for forthcoming updates on track chairs and registration details. Further information on the doctoral colloquium will also be posted.

Doctoral Colloquium (July 1, 2014)
On July 1, a one-day doctoral workshop will be conducted at the same site as the proposed conference. We hope that a significant number of participants in the doctoral workshop will also attend the conference (a special rate for doctoral students will be made available).

Conference chairs
For further information please contact conference chairs Alan Bradshaw ( and Alex Reppel (

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