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Friday, 20 June 2014

Tony Pecotich Doctoral Consortium (39th Annual Macromarketing Conference, 2014) 
Chair: Olga Kravets, Alan Bradshaw, and Alexander Reppel 

This year's Doctoral Consortium presents a great line up of scholars, coming from diverse research and disciplinary backgrounds and at different stages in their academic careers, to discuss with doctoral candidates what has been, is now and is to be their macromarketing research. We aim to make this consortium open and participatory; each session will include short talks by the invited speakers as well as the participants' discussion (Q&A, reflections on own research, critical interventions, and such). We also introduce a roundtable session to give all participants an opportunity to debate if/how macromarketing can contribute to our understanding of the political-economic present and ponder over the value of & challenges to the macromarketing scholarship within the contemporary world. 

Macromarketing: the state-of-the-art
Terry Witkowski, Cliff Shultz, and Gene Laczniak

Markets, Societies, and Inequalities
Norah Campbell, Ali Jafari, and Eleftheria Lekakis
The intellectual and political stir around Thomas Piketty's book "Capital in the Twenty-First Century" with its 'groundbreaking' assertion that "capitalism produces inequality," has pushed "inequality" to the front pages of major publications and made it a matter of public debate. This session picks on this heightened public concern with the inequalities and reflects on the macromarketing inquiry in relation to the critically engaged research on inequalities, particularly the intersection of economic inequality and other systemic injustices, disadvantages, and marginalizations, produced, reinforced, and perpetuated in/by markets & marketing.

Tea/coffee break

Roundtable: Markets-in-Everything and Implications for the Commons
Track A: Marketisation of water, nature, spaces, etc. (led by Georgios Patsiaouras) 
Track B: Marketisation of information, knowledge, heritage, arts, etc. (led by Chloe Preece) 
The idea behind this session is to collectively bring to 'the table' (the marcromarketing agenda) and make discussable issues around current cases of marketisation & marketing, from the appropriation and trade in users’ personal data and indigenous know-how by social media & pharmaceutical companies to the struggles over sales of and access to water, shorelines, public infrastructure, & national heritage sites by communities around the world. This session is an opportunity to break out of our academic comfort zones and use popular debates as an opening to "provoke" critical thought and (future) research. 

17:40 - 19:00 
Macromarketing: ‘What is to be done?’ and other Critical Questions
Alan Bradshaw, James Fitchett, Sukhdev Johal, and Olga Kravets.  

19:00 -- Dinner (optional and at your own expense)

This workshop is FREE to attend. In order to apply, please contact Olga Kravets at

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