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Thursday, 17 November 2011

Benetton revisit old advertising techniques

I was giving my undergraduate advertising students a history lesson this week about Benetton's strategic use of controversy in their ad campaigns under Toscani almost twenty years ago. Then just yesterday they come up with a reprise of one of their most famous ads. Their 1990s image of a nun and priest kissing (you can see it on this AdAge story) won creativity awards in some countries, but was banned in Italy.

It looks as if someone from Benetton has been studying their own history too- just yesterday a splurge of media chatter rose around a new campaign which includes a picture of the Pope and and a Turkish Imam kissing. Cue Vatican outrage and thousands of free column inches on Benetton's 'new' unhate ad camapign. Job done.

Story here, courtesy of the Daily Mail (warning: the pics are not pretty)

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