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Friday, 25 November 2011

Guy Standing - Critical Debates Series

Students & Lecturers Critical Debates - Guy Standing
Tuesday 29 November, 4:00 Rialto Room, Students' Union

Professor Guy Standing of University of Bath will host the first in the Students & Lecturers Critical Debates at Royal Holloway. Standing is the author of the high profile The Precariat which describes an emerging class characterised by insecurity and lack of any occupational identity in an age of transformation of labour (see his article in the Guardian here). 

The event will take place in the Rialto Room at Students' Union between 4 and 6 on Tuesday 29th November.

The ‘Students & Lecturers Critical Debates’ is a joint initiative between Students' Union and lecturers and is designed to critically engage with issues, foster debate and reduce barriers between staff and students and between departments. It establishes an independent forum for critical debate where lecturers and students from all disciplines can join in debate outside the rigid classroom environment and outside the rigidities of departmental structures. The underlying ethos is to create a forum for raising critical issues and to foster the exchange of ideas and positions.
The debates run in the Student’s Union. Each session draws on the work of leading contributors to a field or topic which affects civil, market and state society. It draws speakers from academe, think tanks, journalism, trade unions and beyond. The debate programme is diverse reflecting the underlying plural spirit and the desire to attract a diverse and changing audience each fortnight.
Our aim is to be inclusive so everyone is welcome and that includes all types of students and all types of staff from all departments.

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