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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Why study Marketing at Royal Holloway?

Q. What are the main objectives of the course?

The main objective is to approach the subject of marketing in a way that is intellectually rigorous and ambitious but also sensible to the cutting edge of marketing knowledge and practice. It seems to me that often business studies become over determined by short-term managerialist thinking and this neither leads to good vocational training or intellectual development. Instead our approach emphasises the role of the consumer and the location of marketing activity within a wider sphere of cultural, political, economic and technological phenomena. To be sure, the world in which marketing takes place is one of colour and is complex to understand. Often business programmes approach the field as though it were black and white and with an aim to simplify phenomena. Our pledge is to resist developing theoretical frameworks that are less complicated than the world itself. In other words, we take marketing seriously and as too important to subject to simplified, easy-to-digest models.

Q. How would you summarise the course content and your teaching styles?

Over the course of the year students are exposed to radically different ways of thinking about marketing and consumer subjectivity that range from a more humanities lead philosophical approach to more technical and mathematical orientations.

Q. What qualities do students need in order to succeed?

An open mind, intellectual ambitious, humility and patience to work through complicated texts and ideas, an ability to work in teams and the self-confidence to participate in class work.

Q. What advice would you give to students who are applying to enrol?

If you are looking for a course that will challenge your worldview of what marketing is, how we perform it and how it is done to us, then this is the course for you.

Q. What career options are open to graduates from this course?

Royal Holloway has a very good record in terms of the employability of the students. We have an excellent department that gives students feedback on interview skills and CVs and keeps them informed about graduate programmes. Beyond this our students graduate with a University of London masters degree which is prestigious and of course they have the benefit of understanding marketing in a different, and I would say, superior way to their competitors on the job market.

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