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Friday, 2 September 2011

Contemporary Issues in Consumer Research

Message from Professor Pauline Maclaran

Here are details of two new books that will be helpful for your Contemporary Issues module. The first is entitled Branded Lives by Matthew Brannan, Elizabeth Parsons and Cinzia Priola. This is an important new book that discusses how brands permeate people’s lives both in the workplace and in the marketplace. It will help you understand more about the employee role in the creation of an organisation’s overall brand culture. Brand Culture is one of ten topics you will be studying on this module.

The second book is relevant to the topic on Globalisation and is written by Professor Jos Gamble from our School of Management. It’s entitled Multinational Retailers and Consumers in China and talks about how, in the space of less than two decades, China’s retail marketing has been transformed with an increasing emphasis on customer service and consumer rights. In particular, this text explores how the organisational practices adopted by multinationals in China have changed consumer expectations and behaviours.

These books should be in the library soon. I hope they will get you thinking!

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